New publication on anisotropy in the Nazca slab

Another paper that I was involved with was published this week in Geophysical Research Letters. The paper includes a detailed study using our tomography model of South America to isolate the sources of anisotropy in the subduction zone.

16 June 2020

Finally! Our big paper on tomography of South America is out!

After a long haul through the copyediting process, our South America tomography paper is finally typeset. This paper involved an enormous effort in the compilation and processing of seismic data from all across South America to be put into a single model for the mantle velocity structure beneath the continent. I'm really excited about this paper and what our new model can do to advance research into the tectonic and geodynamic evolution of South America.

14 May 2020

New publication on analogue modeling of slab tears

After seven weeks of quarantining, we have some good news! Our paper on slab tears developed at the 2017 CIDER workshop is finally published. This paper is the result of a large interdisciplinary collaboration and in particular, some really cool analogue subduction models by the lead author. Glad to see the hard work pay off.

1 May 2020

See you this week in San Francisco for the AGU Fall Meeting

AGU is back in San Francisco this year. I'm looking forward to a busy week!

7 December 2019

Next week, I'm off to Quito for the 8th ISAG

I'll be at the 8th International Symposium on Andean Geodynamics (ISAG) in Quito, Ecuador from 23-27 September to give a talk on our new Nazca slab model and discuss Andean Geodynamics!

19 September 2019

I've moved! Say Hello to Carnegie's newest Postdoctoral Fellow

Beginning in August, 2019, I am a Carnegie Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Terrestrial Magnetism at Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, DC. I will be working closely with Dr. Lara Wagner and the seismology group on a number of new, exciting projects!

8 August 2019

Welcome to my new personal webpage!

Welcome! I hope you enjoy the new design. This is the place to keep up-to-date on all the new happenings with my exciting science!

1 August 2019