Seismology @ Tech

The Seismology group at New Mexico Tech is committed to fostering an inclusive, equitable, and respectful research and learning environment.  We welcome students, researchers, collaborators and community partners of all backgrounds and identities.

Seismology research at New Mexico Tech covers a wide range of topics under the broad umbrellas of Earth structure, earthquake generation, and environmental seismic sources. Research topics include crustal magma storage, slab geometry, megathrust earthquake generation, river bedload transport, microseismicity and more using a combination of signal processing, computational methods, inverse methods, and field data collection through a close relationship with the on campus Earthscope Primary Instrument Center (EPIC).

Group members

Earthquake/Environmental seismology


Daniel Evan Portner (he/him/his)

Structural seismology

Assistant Professor

PhD candidate

Mitchell McLaughlin

PhD student

Sarah Nolt-Caraway

PhD student


Dr. Jessica Aerts | PhD 2024 | Now at Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Urbi Basu | Postdoctoral researcher 2022-2024 | Now at New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources

Dr. Jacob Gochenour | PhD 2023 | Now at Nevada National Security Site

Dr. Han Byul Woo | Postdoctoral researcher 2021-2023 | Now at NASA

Dr. Rhiannon Vieceli | PhD 2022 | Now at Sandia National Laboratories

Jonathan Schmidt | MS 2022 | Now at Kentucky Geological Survey

Dr. Emily Morton | PhD 2020 | Now at University of Utah Seismograph Stations

Rosalynn Wang | MS 2016 | Now at Verisk

Dr. Holly Rotman | PhD 2015 | Now at Earthscope Primary Instrument Center

Stanislav Edel | MS 2015 | Now at Infinite Optics

Steven Bernsen | MS 2015 | Now at Wilson Alaska Technical Center

Katherine Anderson | MS 2012 | Now at Sandia National Laboratories

Dr. Maya El Hariri | PhD 2012 | Now at BP

Dr. Pamela Moyer | MS 2010 | Now at University of New Hampshire

Dr. Christine Ruhl | MS 2010 | Now at Verisk

Jana Stankova-Pursley | MS 2009 | Now at USGS

John Morton | MS 2008 | Now at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

Candy Elliot | MS 2007 | Now at AMEC Geomatrix

Dr. Kimberly Schramm | Postdoctoral researcher 2006-2010 | Now at University Research Association